Pineview Ventures

Pineview Ventures develops and manages digital concepts, and is based in Colorado.

Blog and YouTube channel covering a variety of topics including Arduino and Processing projects, project management, leadership, and gaming videos.

Sergeant Grumpy

MilBlog for Sergeant Grumpy, who is an SFOR, Katrina, and OIF vet. He started this blog to chronicle his deployment to Iraq, and now posts war stories along with the occasional political commentary or rant. He writes under the nom de plume of Sergeant Grumpy for OPSEC reasons, although those who know him say it is fitting.

The Grumpy PM

Blog of The Grumpy PM who is an over 20 year veteran of the consulting and advertising agency worlds where he has worked as an executive focused on helping clients with project and program management, including agile methodologies. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

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About Us

Pineview Ventures, LLC is proudly based in Douglas County, Colorado. Our focus is on the definition and development of digital concepts including content and participate in a number of blockchain projects.


We also make limited investments in select Colorado companies.

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